Shipping failures happen…and the consequences can be costly

Many of our customers in the tissue engineering and cell therapy fields come to us when their standard, off-the-shelf labware fails during shipping.

Most of these failures appear in the form of liquid leaks after air shipments. This is a significant issue, as live tissue or cell samples that get damaged in transit can lead to surgical delays and poor patient outcomes.

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2103, 2022
  • Lab tech with bottle

A Closer Look at Biological Contamination Testing

Creating contamination-free life science containers Container cleanliness is important for many life sciences applications. In fact, being simply “clean” isn’t enough. Containers need to be completely aseptic, meaning they are “free of contamination from bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.”  Although sterilization processes like autoclaving and gamma irradiation can help eliminate

2502, 2022
  • Jars for tissue

What’s the Issue? This Is the Best Container for Tissues.

The Case for Jars in Tissue Processing  In tissue processing and transplantation, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine, there’s a growing demand for appropriate-quality containers that can be used from R&D all the way through to product commercialization.  Quite often, containers used during the R&D phase are made from laboratory-grade materials

2402, 2022
  • James Vogel

New Technologies Demand Different Thinking. Can Bioprocess Evolve?

Can Bioprocessing Evolve to Meet a Rapidly Changing World? It’s a brave new world for the bioprocessing industry as groundbreaking new technologies - like cellular therapies and mRNA vaccines - emerge and hit the market at a blinding pace.  However, behind every one of these technological triumphs is complex manufacturing

102, 2022

Phacilitate Advanced Therapies Week 2022 Recap

By Drew Carlson, Applications Development Manager – Life Sciences Conversations and Collaboration Advanced Therapies Week, organized by Phacilitate, certainly gets a gold star from many attendees regarding their chosen location of Miami Beach. The warm weather is a welcome bonus in the heart of winter for many of the 300+

2701, 2022

Bioprocess production and supply in pandemic times

The bioprocess industry isn’t immune to supply chain challenges These pandemic times have stretched global supply chains to their breaking point. And as a result, the bioprocess industry has been attempting to overcome several major hurdles. Chief among them is a shortage in key components like piping, filters, diaphragms and

2701, 2022
  • Bio Container Materials

Profiling fluoropolymer bottle extractables

Understanding the impact of container extractables  When choosing containers for applications such as critical drug substances, cell therapies and regenerative medicines, it’s important to consider the effect extractables can have on products.  Extractables are the organic or inorganic chemical compounds released from container systems when faced with aggressive laboratory conditions

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