Obsvervations and Trends of Interphex 2021

We attended Interphex in NYC as our second live show of the 2021 season. Interphex remains the “who’s who” in the bioprocessing world, with over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.  Although a noticeably quieter show than in years past, it was still full of energy.  Many exhibitors we spoke with stated that the attendees they met were die-hard, had clear objectives and focused goals, and were determined to meet with their key suppliers. Similarly, we learned that most exhibitors and attendees plan to attend in the spring of 2022 despite this year’s show postponement.

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Rapid Freeze-Thaw Performance of Single-Use PFA Bottles

Can Single-Use Containers Survive Dramatic Temperature Changes? The most demanding processes that utilize single-use containers – like bulk drug substance (BDS) storage – often involve rapid and vary large shifts in temperature. So called “flash freezing” is commonly used for vaccines and blood products due to concerns over protein

112, 2020
  • Savillex Integration Services

Introducing Integration Services for Single-Use Systems

Can You Offer Custom, Single-Use Assembly That’s Easily Scalable? If you’ve made the switch to single-use technology, one of the biggest limitations you may have already encountered is a lack of true, open-architecture style product customization. You also may have felt the frustration of sourcing parts from multiple providers and

2610, 2020
  • PFA bottles for bulk drug substance

Ready-To-Use Innovations Eliminate BDS Hassles

PFA the gold standard for BDS When it comes to critical BDS (bulk drug substance) storage, PFA bottle and vials have become the gold standard. That’s because performance and purity aren’t a “nice-to-have” in BDS – they’re an expectation. In critical applications – such as storing vaccines or blood products

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Benefits of PFA vs PTFE for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

What are the Key Differences Between PTFE and PFA, Anyway? When you think about fluoropolymer early adopters, who springs to mind? If you answered, “the semiconductor industry,” you’d be spot-on. The semiconductor industry was one of the first to widely use fluoropolymers. Why? For starters, fluoropolymers’ inertness, resistance to high

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Lower Entry Costs for Custom Parts with Molded PFA

Savillex tooling and PFA parts example. Precision-Crafted Parts for Process Fluid Heating For Process Technology from Mentor, Ohio, the price of producing custom parts was steadily increasing – and the company needed to find a more cost-effective alternative. Process Technology is a leading supplier of thermal products for

2109, 2020
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Unique, High Purity, Gamma-Stable Solution for Low Temperature BDS Storage

ETFE Bottle and Vial Family Gamma Stable Game-Changer Last time, we talked about how the bioprocessing industry could be better served by single-use fluoropolymers for storing and shipping bulk drug substance (BDS). Our thesis came with a caveat, though: fluoropolymer materials like PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and