Benefits of PFA vs PTFE for the semiconductor manufacturing process

When you think about fluoropolymer early adopters, who springs to mind?

If you answered, “the semiconductor industry,” you’d be spot-on.

The semiconductor industry was one of the first to widely use fluoropolymers. Why? For starters, fluoropolymers’ inertness, resistance to high concentration mineral acids, wide temperature working range and low trace metals content made them uniquely suited to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

2705, 2020
  • Basic Acid Vapor Cleaning

The Steamy Truth of Acid Vapor Cleaning

To Steam or Not to Steam Your Microwave Digestion Vessels                                 Basic Acid Vapor Cleaning Concept Acid cleaning microwave digestion vessels is a critical step towards controlling contamination in the process of trace

2204, 2020
  • Savillex tooling and PFA parts

Solving Problems Through Improved Tool Design

Injection molding depends on good tool design Savillex tooling and PFA parts example. Many details need to be considered when developing and manufacturing an injection molded product. You can have a great product idea and the right materials, but small flaws in your injection molding tool design could

1303, 2020
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Transitioning from PTFE to PFA

Helping customers move from PTFE to PFA In our last post, we looked at the advantages of moving from machined polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to injection molded perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) material. While making the jump to PFA sounds good in principle (and looks good on paper), what about when it comes to helping

612, 2019
  • Transitioning from PTFE to PFA

From PTFE to PFA – the business case

For low volume part production runs or prototyping, CNC-machining a custom part (or product) from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) is typically the most convenient, cost-effective option. But what you might not know is that switching to injection-molded PFA can deliver several major, long-term benefits to your production process. First,

2210, 2019
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Benefits of fluoropolymers for bioprocessing

What are fluoropolymers and how are they used? We get quite a few questions about fluoropolymer plastics and how they’re used in bioprocessing. Where are they already being used? Which material is suited to what applications and what are the benefits of each? We’re going to dig a little deeper

1709, 2019

Sights, sounds and learnings from BioProcess International

Fresh off this year’s BioProcess International show in Boston, we have a few quick thoughts on what we saw and learned. BioProcess International (BPI) was a great event for professional networking – especially on the tradeshow floor. Most attendees had active projects on the go and were looking for ready-to-use