Getting “Closure” on Bottle Torque and Seal Integrity

Applications like cell therapies and regenerative medicines demand absolute container integrity to ensure product sterility. To that end, bottles, vials, sample jars, and other rigid containers tend to be the natural choice due to their durable construction and strong closure systems.

However, another key factor in the success of rigid containers is closure torque validation. In other words – determining the rotational force needed to securely tighten container closures. Why is this important? Because containers need to also be useable in clinical settings – especially where clinicians have limited dexterity due to wearing multiple glove layers.

2910, 2021

Interphex 2021 Recap

By Eric Isberg, VP of Life Sciences Obsvervations and Trends of Interphex 2021 We attended Interphex in NYC as our second live show of the 2021 season. Interphex remains the “who’s who” in the bioprocessing world, with over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.  Although a noticeably quieter show than

1310, 2021
  • Savillex Multi Cavity Tool

Breaking down the benefits of family and multi-cavity tooling

Can your project benefit from multi-cavity or family tooling? Injection molding fluoropolymers can be a very challenging process due to the nature of the polymers themselves. For one – fluoropolymers have extremely high melting points and produce corrosive HF gas when molten. High shrink rates also add to the challenges.

2109, 2021

Sights, Sounds and Learnings from the ISPE Boston Product Show

By Eric Isberg, VP of Life Sciences Sights and Sounds It was great to be back at a live show and face-to-face with our customers again.  The ISPE Boston Product Show, which represents an area of the US with over 60% of the active bioprocess projects, proved once again that

109, 2021
  • Savillex ETFE bottles

Bags versus bottles for bulk drug substance shipping

Fluoropolymer bottles: a durable and safe solution for shipping BDS Shipping bulk drug substance (BDS) or other critical products and process solutions requires very durable packaging. Common single-use technologies are bag-based, which require additional protection because they’re vulnerable to material loss and contamination due to punctures, cracking, seam separation and

2608, 2021
  • Silicon Wafer with semiconductors in clean room.

Agile pressure vessel production for the semiconductor industry

Fluoropolymer pressure vessels provide clean chemical transport A wide range of aggressive chemicals are used in wafer processing. And since these chemicals are in direct contact with the wafer surface, they need to be as free from trace metal contamination as possible. While conventional pumps are still used for some

2607, 2021
  • Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits With Automation System Control Application

Daikin Discussion: Fluoropolymers, Purity and the Semiconductor Industry

Fluoropolymers provide purity to semiconductor manufacturers In their never-ending quest to improve quality, semiconductor manufacturers have been pushing their materials suppliers to minimize – and even eliminate – any type of chemical or material contamination. So, if the idea is to reduce contamination at all costs, are ultra-pure fluoropolymer plastics

Interphex 2021 Recap

By Eric Isberg, VP of Life Sciences Obsvervations and Trends of Interphex 2021 We attended