Benefits of PFA vs PTFE for the semiconductor manufacturing process

When you think about fluoropolymer early adopters, who springs to mind?

If you answered, “the semiconductor industry,” you’d be spot-on.

The semiconductor industry was one of the first to widely use fluoropolymers. Why? For starters, fluoropolymers’ inertness, resistance to high concentration mineral acids, wide temperature working range and low trace metals content made them uniquely suited to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

210, 2020
  • Savillex tooling and PFA parts

Lower entry costs for custom parts with molded PFA

Savillex tooling and PFA parts example. Precision-crafted parts for process fluid heating For Process Technology from Mentor, Ohio, the price of producing custom parts was steadily increasing – and the company needed to find a more cost-effective alternative. Process Technology is a leading supplier of thermal products for

2109, 2020
  • ETFE Bottle and Vial Family Color Cleanroom

Unique, high purity, gamma-stable solution for low temperature BDS storage

ETFE Bottle and Vial Family Gamma stable game-changer Last time, we talked about how the bioprocessing industry could be better served by single-use fluoropolymers for storing and shipping bulk drug substance (BDS). Our thesis came with a caveat, though: fluoropolymer materials like PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and

1409, 2020
  • Pharmaceutical worker examining material

BDS and single-use technology pain points

Single-use technologies and BDS: a fragile relationship To successfully store and ship high-value bulk drug substances (BDS), you need materials that are durable, stable at low temperatures, chemically compatible and pure. So, how is that accomplished? A few of the mainstay materials include stainless steel cans, as well as PETG

1109, 2020
  • Airplane flying

Creating fluoropolymer parts for aerospace

Fluoropolymers to the flight deck! In our last blog, we talked about the growing demand for fluoropolymers in aerospace and where they would fit best on today’s lighter, more efficient passenger aircraft. Here, we’ll dive in to how we began working with a leading aerospace manufacturer to create custom PFA

1607, 2020
  • Airplane taking flight

Taking flight with fluoropolymers

Can fluoropolymers take flight in aerospace? Fluoropolymers have a firmly established place in the lab, but what about in the air? Or – to be more specific – on a modern passenger plane? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out whether or not fluoropolymers are flight worthy. First off,

2406, 2020
  • Savillex VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System

Meet the VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System

VC Ultra shown with vessel cleaning racks. Acid cleaning made easier – with the right tools Last time around, we talked about all the ways acid vapor cleaning systems provide a safer, more cost efficient and effective way to thoroughly acid clean microwave digestion vessels and other labware