ColdBlock technology re-writes the way sample digestion is done

Niagara Falls, Canada-based ColdBlock Technologies has developed an innovative product that performs sample digestion for trace metals analysis with significant improvements in speed, safety and cost over existing technologies.

Rather than the “traditional” method that involves heating digestion tubes in graphite blocks with conducted heat, ColdBlock’s solution uses focused, short wave infrared radiation (FSWIR) to heat sample solutions.

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2904, 2022

Observations from BPD CGT Symposium and ISPE Midwest Chapter Symposium

By Drew Carlson, Applications Development Manager BPD CGT Symposium & Vendor Show 2022 BPD Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium & Vendor Show took place at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, located in one of the hearts of the Biopharma and CGT space, Research Triangle Park. Being my first attendance at

1104, 2022
  • Three Black Bottles

Beyond amber: PFA bottles for UV-sensitive solutions

Is there a better solution for light-sensitive biologics? Although all biologics are light sensitive to some degree, the lipids and proteins within these biologics can be particularly susceptible to UV degradation and denaturing.  For the most part, amber borosilicate glass bottles have been used to store light-sensitive biologics. But there

2103, 2022
  • Mike and Jodi Cleanroom

Savillex Life Sciences Revenue Experiences Massive Growth

By Eric Isberg - VP of Life Sciences Savillex Life Sciences Success: 10 Years in the Making You’ve probably heard the old cliche about “an overnight success…years in the making.” For our Purillex® brand of life science products, and the incredible growth surge we experienced in 2021, it has felt like

2103, 2022
  • Bottle Family

Three Ways Savillex Tests Container Closure Integrity

Container integrity is critical to product protection Testing for container integrity is key to ensuring containers are leak-free and can protect the critical process solutions and final products they contain. This testing is even more important in aseptic processes. That’s because container integrity can not only affect product sterility, but

2103, 2022
  • Lab tech with bottle

A Closer Look at Biological Contamination Testing

Creating contamination-free life science containers Container cleanliness is important for many life sciences applications. In fact, being simply “clean” isn’t enough. Containers need to be completely aseptic, meaning they are “free of contamination from bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms.”  Although sterilization processes like autoclaving and gamma irradiation can help eliminate

2502, 2022
  • Jars for tissue

What’s the Issue? This Is the Best Container for Tissues.

The Case for Jars in Tissue Processing  In tissue processing and transplantation, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine, there’s a growing demand for appropriate-quality containers that can be used from R&D all the way through to product commercialization.  Quite often, containers used during the R&D phase are made from laboratory-grade materials