By Lisa M. Nash, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing

The Savillex team got off to a great start in 2023 by exhibiting at Phacilitate: Advanced Therapies Week in Miami. Besides sunshine every day, the team from the Midwest enjoyed great conversations, many learning opportunities, and connecting with current and potential customers. But something about this week was different. You could feel it daily as the speakers presented or as you visited other exhibitor booths. Most of all, the level of interest and engaging conversation at the Savillex booth was a different story too.

The attendees, exhibitors, and speakers were there to learn, collaborate and share, with one goal: finding solutions to getting us one step closer to a life-changing cure or treatment. Cell and gene therapy is evolving at a record pace, and it feels “bigger” than previous discoveries. There was a level of excitement because a lot of “firsts” were happening. Whether it was the first meeting between a Chief Scientific Officer and a CDMO, or a meeting between an investment firm and a founder of a start-up looking for funding, or for suppliers, like Savillex, it was an opportunity to share products to help these companies deliver exciting new therapies to patients with our solution.

At the Savillex booth, we talked about the solution our Purillex® containers provide to the cell and gene therapy market. Sure, less expensive materials and configurations like centrifuge tubes and specimen containers are readily available, but we heard from multiple visitors to the booth that concerns about the therapy not making it to the patient kept them up at night.

Why select a Savillex Purillex container?

  • Because it has a very low leachable and extractable profile
  • Because of the robust container-closure integrity
  • Because it has excellent chemical resistance
  • Because it can withstand a wide range of temperatures
  • Because the design exudes quality and promotes confidence

Why would you trust your critical, expensive, time-sensitive, high-quality product to just any container when you can know with certainty the Savillex Purillex container will perform every time?

Vericel was searching for a solution, and the Purillex container was the answer. The case study was proudly displayed at the booth and is available here.

There are many questions to be answered and problems to be solved. Savillex is committed to the cell and gene therapy community and is ready to help. If you would like to discuss your container needs with us, please click here, and we will contact you. The time to consider the container is now, not when the patient is waiting for the therapy to arrive.