Fresh off this year’s BioProcess International show in Boston, we have a few quick thoughts on what we saw and learned.

BioProcess International (BPI) was a great event for professional networking – especially on the tradeshow floor. Most attendees had active projects on the go and were looking for ready-to-use technology solutions, including single-use (SU) systems.

Our Purillex® PFA fluoropolymer bottles were on display and Eric Isberg, Vice President of Life Sciences at Savillex, was on hand to field questions from attendees. And in case you couldn’t be there, we shot a quick video with Eric at our booth where he gives a succinct, 90-second rundown of everything we had on display.

What innovations did we see and what’s next?

Overall, this year’s edition of BioProcess International served as a great venue to see the latest innovation in SU bioprocessing.

Most SU suppliers were highlighting downstream process solutions, including filtration systems for final product, as well as transfer and sampling manifolds.

We saw at least five versions of a SU transfer set designed for sending bulk drug substance (BDS) from a SU container through a beta bag transfer system into an isolator, or restricted access barrier system (RABS) to a vial filling line.

Another key learning was that suppliers are continuing to push the limits of SU process size and scale. For example, one supplier showcased a 6,000 L bioreactor, which is about three times the typical production scale. On the complete opposite end of the size spectrum, suppliers showcased small SU process and storage containers – down to 3 mL or smaller – that would be of interest to attendees from the cell and gene therapy fields.

As for what’s next on the tradeshow schedule, many of the suppliers we interacted with at BPI will be attending the ISPE Boston Area Product Show at Gillette Stadium this week on September 18. If you’re planning to attend, keep an eye out for our Purillex® fluoropolymer bottles on display at NMB Bio booth #E99. Registration to the ISPE Boston Area Product Show is free and can be found at