PFA bottles for bulk drug substance PFA the gold standard for BDS

When it comes to critical BDS (bulk drug substance) storage, PFA bottle and vials have become the gold standard. That’s because performance and purity aren’t a “nice-to-have” in BDS – they’re an expectation.

In critical applications – such as storing vaccines or blood products used in cutting-edge cell and gene therapies – you can’t risk using inferior materials or fragile form factors like bags.

Storing BDS product in Purillex® PFA bottles means less risk to your entire process and a greatly reduced chance of product loss.

PFA is also a great choice for freezing applications and outperforms any material down to 196°C, even when flash frozen. What’s more – sterility is maintained in cryogenic applications because of our innovative closure design, which uses an identical PFA resin to the bottles.

Ready-to-use PFA bottles eliminate hassles

Clean, packaged, and pre-sterilized PFA bottles and vials is the most recent Savillex innovation, and a world’s first from a manufacturer of PFA containers.

Imagine the convenience of ready-to-use (RTU) PFA products: You avoid the hassle, wasted time and lost resources of in-house cleaning and sterilizing.

With RTU PFA containers, we do the work for you, from clean manufacture and secure packaging in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, through to sterilization using validated cycles.

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