Mark your calendars: Savillex is attending the BioProcess International Conference from September 9 – 12, and we’re hoping you will stop by booth 313 for a visit.

But first – a few quick facts about the BioProcess International Conference itself:
• Held annually at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre in Boston, MA.
• BPI is the leading and largest bioprocessing-focused industry event in the world.
• BPI brings together over 2,000 global scientists, engineers and executives from across biopharmaceutical development and production.
• The tradeshow portion of BPI features about 200 technology suppliers and service providers.

What can you expect to see at our booth?

First and foremost, we will be showcasing our lineup of Purillex® fluoropolymer bottles and stability vials.

We know that fluoropolymers play an important role in the storage, freezing and shipping of bioprocess fluids. Our Purillex PFA and FEP bottles and stability vials are designed to be fully disposable.

This is key, as we’re seeing that the adoption of disposable, or single-use technology (SUT), is growing rapidly across the industry. Single-use technology can provide a number of advantages, including improved flexibility, reduced risk of contamination and lower costs.

Plus, our Purillex fluoropolymer bottles are the first of their kind designed specifically for the biopharma industry. They’re manufactured in an ISO Class 7 clean room ensuring an extremely clean product, and with stretch blow molding technology for a far superior seal. Our line of stability vials is manufactured using the same materials as the bottles.

If you’re attending the BioProcess International Conference, we’d love to hear from you in person. Drop by booth 313 and have a chat with Eric Isberg, our Vice President of Life Sciences, about single-use technology, fluoropolymers and more.

Also – keep an eye out for our post-BPI wrap-up post as we gather and distill all the most interesting technology, ideas and more from this year’s conference.