MACI bottle - no label. On yellow background.Improvements needed to cellular therapy product packaging 

Vericel Corporation develops and manufactures advanced, autologous cell-based therapies that use a patient’s own healthy tissues to treat serious diseases and conditions. One such cell therapy product marketed by Vericel is MACI®, (autologous culture chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane).

Because container closure integrity testing standards are constantly evolving, Vericel decided it was necessary to revisit and improve the way they packaged and shipped their MACI implant. This is also what led to Vericel partnering with Savillex.


What led Vericel to choose a fluoropolymer product? 

Chief among Vericel’s reasons for wanting to choose a fluoropolymer product were the material’s lack of reactivity as well as its sturdiness. Another compelling factor was that all fluoropolymer products from Savillex have undergone exhaustive testing that included extractables testing and container closure integrity. 

Read through the full case study to find out which Savillex fluoropolymer solution Vericel Corporation selected for their MACI implant.