Can You Offer Custom, Single-Use Assembly ThaSavillex Integration Servicest’s Easily Scalable?

If you’ve made the switch to single-use technology, one of the biggest limitations you may have already encountered is a lack of true, open-architecture style product customization. You also may have felt the frustration of sourcing parts from multiple providers and then ensuring they work well together.

Another drawback of custom assemblies is long product lead times. The typical timeline to get a single-use assembly delivered can be 16 weeks or longer – even for smaller product prototype samples. Contributing to these long lead times is a distinct lack of integrators who can take on custom projects that require quick turnarounds.

A consequence of this availability gap is that many customers end up feeling underserviced and ignored, while the single-use industry appears unresponsive.

But what about the large integrators out there? They often do an excellent job of producing standard single-use assemblies and even high-volume runs of custom assemblies for their bigger end users.

However, we believe smaller customers and limited run assemblies are best served by smaller integrators that can be more flexible and responsive.

The big question here is: can we create a highly responsive, custom process that also scales quickly to accommodate higher volumes when needed?

A First Look at Savillex Integration Services

Savillex recently launched its Integration Services as a way of catering to highly custom assembly work, but with the capacity to quickly scale up to production quantities.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to customers in providing newly designed, custom, single-use assemblies quickly – often delivering product samples within days. We also listen carefully to each customer’s needs and provide product quality testing catered to the application.

Our Integration Services employ an open architecture assembly model. This enables us to perform comprehensive, single-use customization by sourcing parts from our supplier network, or by developing custom components using our in-house tooling and molding capabilities.

From a capacity standpoint, we have the footprint required to expand our clean rooms and manufacturing spaces quickly.

As with other ready to use products, we do all the work for you – from clean manufacture and secure packaging in Class 7 cleanrooms, to sterilization using validated cycles. This eliminates much of the hassle, wasted time and lost resources of in-house cleaning and sterilizing.

We’re excited for the future of Integration Services and will keep you posted as things continue to evolve.

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