By Eric Isberg, VP of Life Sciences

Obsvervations and Trends of Interphex 2021

We attended Interphex in NYC as our second live show of the 2021 season. Interphex remains the “who’s who” in the bioprocessing world, with over 500 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.  Although a noticeably quieter show than in years past, it was still full of energy.  Many exhibitors we spoke with stated that the attendees they met were die-hard, had clear objectives and focused goals, and were determined to meet with their key suppliers. Similarly, we learned that most exhibitors and attendees plan to attend in the spring of 2022 despite this year’s show postponement.

Supply constraints were again at the top of the minds of many attendees, anticipating that limitations would continue through 2022. However, unlike what we discovered at the ISPE Boston Show, progress has been made in what I will call “strategic system supply,” partnering more closely with large customers to add flexibility to supply schedules. Developing a strategic system supply is a win-win for large and small customers, as everyone gets what they need on time. Stockpiling parts is a hard but necessary part of most suppliers’ plans through the end of next year.

Blurred Lines Between Part Suppliers and Service Providers

Another noticeable trend is the blurring of lines between the traditional part suppliers and service providers. For example, most parts suppliers we spoke with have plans to add service offerings like cleanroom assembly, pre-packaged and sterilized parts, and even on-site sterilization services. On the other hand, service providers are expanding the warehousing and parts supply operations, including GMP warehousing for finished parts. Perhaps this is both a reaction to supply constraints and the natural part of our industry’s evolution from specialists to generalists.

One matter you can count on is that Savillex will continue to specialize in being your supply partner for single-use fluoropolymer bottles as well as bottle assemblies and tubing sets. We continue to manufacture our bottles right here in Eden Prairie, MN, and have a brand new 1,300 square ft cleanroom dedicated to single-use integration services. We have the speed, capacity, and flexibility that is needed in today’s supply-constrained environment.

Visit our website for more information or contact us at We would be happy to discuss how we can supply high-quality products to meet your precise requirements.