Custom Parts for Semiconductor Gas Filtration

Gas filtration is a critical step in the semiconductor manufacturing process. If gasses like ammonia and boron trichloride aren’t properly filtered, contaminants can cause defects to wafers during fabrication.

Porvair is one of the world’s largest players in a semiconductor gas filtration market that is expected to be worth around $21.7 billion by 2027. Porvair’s Boise, Idaho site serves as the development hub for their microelectronics filter technology and boasts on-site machining, welding, manufacturing and processing capabilities.

Jerry Young, General Manager of Porvair’s Microelectronics Division, recently worked with Savillex to develop a specialized component for a new, soon-to-be launched model of their GasPro™ line of filters.

Stronger Core, More Capable Filtration

Young says he and his team were facing a challenge with customers pushing gas filters beyond their original capabilities. In particular, the gas filter’s cylindrical core – which acts as a support for the filter media – was not meeting expectations under very high pressures and flow rates.

Young and his team decided the best course of action would be to create a stronger, molded filter core. And that is when they turned to Savillex for their expertise in developing injection molded PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy alkane) parts.

“We engaged with the Savillex team, showed them our design and they made a custom mold for us and produced parts quickly,” says Young. “On the first run – they nailed it. It’s so rare to get a pass on the first article inspection, so that was a genuine surprise for me. Normally, you’d go through three or four iterations.”

The molded PFA core will be used in a new line of GasPro™ filters that are rated for higher performance standards. According to Young, this added durability means semiconductor manufacturers will be able to run the gas filters for a longer time and process wafers faster with higher pressure and higher gas flow rates.

“Our customers were asking for something that wasn’t being offered and now they’ll have a filter that will exceed their expectations and make their process that much more efficient,” says Young.

As for his experience working with Savillex on developing the filter core, Young characterizes it as a true collaboration between his team at Porvair and the Savillex engineers.

“The team at Savillex is impeccable – they’re fast, responsive and very knowledgeable,” he says. “We were able to draw on their expertise in molding, exchange ideas and come up with a solution that will perform for our customers.”

Since you’re interested in the semiconductor industry, you might want to learn more about how Savillex’s custom services can help you produce specialized, molded parts.

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