Is This the Ultimate Bioprocessing Vial?

Savillex employee packaging vialsVials are used for a wide variety of functions in bioprocessing such as process sampling, aliquot storage and archiving, product stability testing, material compatibility testing and extractables testing.

Savillex fluoropolymer vials, available in PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), are an excellent choice for these applications – and a host of others – due to their cleanliness, purity and non-stick properties.

The Savillex vials’ unmatched inertness also allows them to be used safely with even the most aggressive reagent chemistries. And because the vials are compatible with flash freezing and can outperform any material down to -196oC, they can additionally be used for cell banking and seed stock storage and freezing.

Introducing New Pre-Sterilized, Ready-to-Use PFA and ETFE Vials

Clean, packaged and sterile PFA (steam sterilized) and ETFE (gamma sterilized) vials and closures are our latest innovation – and a world’s first.

If you’re in any doubt as to why this is a game-changer, just imagine the convenience of having ready-to-use fluoropolymer vials that eliminate the hassle, wasted time and resources spent on in-house cleaning and sterilizing.

With our new pre-sterilized vials, we do all the work for you – from clean manufacturing and secure packaging in Class 7 cleanrooms, to sterilization using validated cycles.

Benefits of pre-sterilized Savillex fluoropolymer vials include:

  • Universal application – from analytical testing and sample archiving to cell banking
  • Convenience, cost and time savings
  • Unmatched cleanliness, purity and freedom from particles
  • Compatible with the most aggressive reagent chemistries
  • Durability down to -196o C, including flash freezing
  • Molded using the exact same resin grades as our Purillex® PFA and ETFE BDS bottles

Have a bioprocess application in mind that could benefit from our pre-sterilized vials? Get detailed technical info and explore the entire lineup online. For additional information, or to obtain pricing, please give us a call today.