Savillex VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System

VC Ultra shown with vessel cleaning racks.

Acid cleaning made easier – with the right tools

Last time around, we talked about all the ways acid vapor cleaning systems provide a safer, more cost efficient and effective way to thoroughly acid clean microwave digestion vessels and other labware used in trace metals analysis.

Now, we’ll take a closer look at the VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System from Savillex.

The VC Ultra is manufactured entirely from ultra-clean fluoropolymers and uses high purity acid vapor to clean up to 40 microwave digestion vessels and covers in a single cycle.

The system is also fully automated and can be configured to clean a wide variety of other labware used in trace metals analysis.

How does it work?

The VC Ultra’s large cabinet is manufactured entirely from PTFE and PFA. The base of the cabinet forms a one-liter acid reservoir that is resistively heated by a silicone rubber heating mat.

Savillex’s Vial Rack System

VC Ultra shown with universal labware cleaning kit.

The VC Ultra uses high purity acid vapor to clean microwave vessels and other labware by sub-boiling the trace metal grade acid contained in the reservoir. One advantage of this system is that the acid is reusable, which minimizes waste and disposal costs.

The VC Ultra’s cleaning chamber can accommodate one or two microwave vessel cleaning racks made from PTFE. A variety of these racks are available, allowing users to clean many of the most commonly used microwave digestion vessels. Users can also configure the VC Ultra to acid clean a variety of other types and sizes of labware by installing the Universal Cleaning Kit.

Controlling the VC Ultra is done through a full-color, touchscreen controller, and the cleaning process itself is completely automated. When powered on, the VC Ultra re-loads and re-runs the previous cleaning cycle. Users can either simply press “start” or load one of the other pre-configured cleaning cycles (that range from 30 minutes to four hours). The VC Ultra can also be operated in manual mode for full, custom control.

Learn more about the VC Ultra and get the complete tech specs here.